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Pentium II 400 MHz, 128 MB RAM, Windows 95(OSR2)/98/ME/NT4(SP6)/2000/XP, DirectX 8.0a, 16 MB OpenGL-compliant video card, DirectX-compatible sound card, 4x CD-ROM drive, and 800 MB hard-disk space.


  1. Patches
  2.  Maps      
  3.  Mods

RtCW Source Code v1.41     
    This v1.41 of the Windows Wolfenstein source code is needed for making modifications for Return to Castle Wolfenstein.           

Officially released game files
  Download File Page    Description  

 Dec 12, 2001  114 MB  wolf_spdemo.exe  -  Single-player demo v1.0.1 (2 levels)

 Dec 21, 2001  66.3 MB  wolf_mpdemo.exe  -  Multi-player demo v1.1 (2 levels)

 Dec 05, 2002  6.9 MB  wolf_update_1_41.exe  -  Retail v1.33/1.4 -> v1.41 patch for Win32
 Nov 05, 2002  5.0 MB  wolf_update_1_4_lite.exe  -  Retail v1.33 -> v1.4 patch for Win32
 Nov 05, 2002  11.5 MB  wolf_update_1_4.exe  -  Retail v1.4 full patch for Win32

 Jan 18, 2002  4.1 MB  -  Linux single-player demo v1.1b (no media)
 Jan 18, 2002  112 MB  -  Linux single-player demo v1.1b (full install)
 Dec 25, 2001  4.3 MB  -  Linux multiplayer demo client v1.1 (no media)
 Dec 25, 2001  66.4 MB  -  Linux multiplayer demo client v1.1 (full install)

 Dec 05, 2002  4.8 MB  -  Linux retail binaries v1.33/1.4 -> v1.41
 Nov 05, 2002  7.5 MB  -  Linux GOTY edition binaries v1.4 (lite)
 Nov 05, 2002  70.1 MB  -  Linux retail binaries v1.4 & GOTY paks (full)

 Dec 12, 2002  106 MB  rtcw_demo.sit  -  Mac OS9/X single-player demo (2 levels)

 Nov 06, 2001  58.7 MB  wolfmp-test2-beta.bin  -  Mac OSX multiplayer test demo 2
 Nov 07, 2001  528 KB  wolfdedicated-beta.sit  -  Mac OSX test demo 2 dedicated server

 Jan 16, 2003  16.2 MB  rtcw_141beta.sit  -  Mac retail v1.41 beta patch
 Jun 05, 2002  17.1 MB  rtcw_update-1.3.2.sit  -  Mac retail v1.32 patch
Third-party/Unsupported game files
  Download File Page    Description  

 Jan 18, 2002  13.5 MB  -  Return to Castle Wolfenstein SDK
 Dec 06, 2002  7.2 MB  wolf_srcmod_141.exe  -  RtCW public source SP/MP v1.41 (Win32)
 Dec 05, 2002  7.3 MB  -  RtCW public source SP/MP v1.41 (Linux)
Files for mission packs
  Download File Page    Description  

 Jun 12, 2002  49.0 MB  goty_mappack.exe  -  GotY Map Pack for Win32 (7 maps)
 Jun 13, 2002  49.5 MB  - 

GotY Map Pack for Linux (7 maps)

 Wolf_Update_1_4.exe (Windows 11.5mb)

Lite: Upgrade from v1.33 or 1.4 only.
Wolf_Update_1_41.exe (Windows 6.9mb)


  • To install the Maps

Simply unzip
the files to your machine, and move any *.pk3 folders into the /main
folder, located within your Wolfenstein directory.  You should see
several other *.pk3 files there as well.
C:\Program Files\Return to Castle Wolfenstein\Main

3rd Person View    This will give you a third person view in RtCW.
Ameland          Single player map
Fast New Pharao      A set of 3 single player maps.
Red Moon SP Map RC2    Single player map
Time Gate SP      single player add-on
Rescue The Maiden Final    Download Maiden from FilePlanet 3.7MB

Then patch with...

Return To Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

Formerly an expansion pack, Enemy Territory is now a free, stand-alone multiplayer game featuring multiplayer support for as many as 32

Wolfenstein 3D

Released in 1992, Wolfenstein 3D wasn't the original first person shooter

WolfBot 1.0 for Windows (dll)
Release Date : 5.September 2003
File Size : 3,03 MB


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