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Operation Flashpoint 2


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Operation Flashpoint 2 - Released Winter 2004 - PC
Coming 2004 for the PC Operation Flashpoint 2.
Focusing on the US military in another important theatre of war, Operation Flashpoint 2 will continue the titles reputation as the ultimate military gaming experience.

  • Codemasters targets three theatres of combat for Operation Flashpoint 2, the sequel to the revolutionary military simulator- 8th May 2003
Codemasters today reveals that Operation Flashpoint 2, the sequel to the internationally acclaimed military action simulator, will feature three different theatres of combat set in environments across Southeast Asia, Central Europe and Africa.

The games mission-based campaigns will take gamers through fictional conflicts based upon authentic events during the years around 1970.

Operation Flashpoint 2 is now in design and development at Bohemia Interactive Studio, the Prague-based creators of the original, and will be published by Codemasters late in 2004 for PC.

Set to advance and expand on the groundbreaking squad-based gameplay of the original, Operation Flashpoint 2 will set a new standard in its realistic portrayal of conflict situations where, for the player and his squads, everything happens for real.

Marek Spanel, the Project Leader for Operation Flashpoint 2 at Bohemia Interactive Studio says:
We want to create a game set in realistic theatres but not tied to any single historical event. The theatres selected for Operation Flashpoint 2 will provide for a great variety of combat environments and draw players into a thoroughly believable experience where every element of tactical combat is important.

Its also revealed that an important part of the main campaign will focus on events from the Vietnam war in late 60s, when US forces in South Vietnam numbered over half a million. Missions will see players engaging in solo action, commanding a squad, driving military vehicles, or taking to the air in authentic 'copters and planes. Weapons and military and civilian mobile units are being accurately modelled from period military data.

Taking players as close to the war experience as theyll want to get, Operation Flashpoint 2 will continue the series reputation as the ultimate military action game when it launches late in 2004. Gamers can now register their interest in the project and sign-up for development updates online at: