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Mohaa AssaultOnIraq

Assault On Iraq

  • The old single player campaign has been thrown out and a new one will be brought out in its place. The Full New Single player overview isn't released yet but I have heard that the plot for this is secret. I have also herd that new some new screen shots are currently on there way. Were also are having good progress here and are having some good results. We are still currently looking for UvMappers, Map creators and some concept art devlopers.

  • We are currently looking for about 2-4 more members. We need the following:
    1-2 UVmapper/skinner- please apply if you are experienced in making uvmaps of models, or can skin very well on your own in milkshape. i would provide you with models and expect detailed skins.
    1-2 Map creator- please only apply if you are experienced with the mohradient program and you have work to show from it.

    The beta is coming along greatly, but our weapon skins our lacking. Psychotic Chicken is doing a great job, but I am unable to provide him with good unwraps.

Bad news folks. Lead mapper TheShiznaespe got a bug(his computer) and had to reformat. I dont know the exact details, but im assuming the .map's for kuwaiti_city and the work in progress map codenamed "Phat Albert" is gone. He told me he will begin phat alber again from scratch, but im only assuming kuwaiti city .map is gone. i have the several versions of the bsp, but its always nice to have the .map incase changes are to be made. I'm gonna have to work on my map 2x, which will be difficult do to the fact that im starting school on the 4th. This may set back the release date, how long, is yet to be seen.

We've set a release date, and we are working very hard to get to it. The date is September 15th, and we will do our best to reach it. Soon following we should have a new map or two of expansion released with it. We are also trying to throw a few more features in. We are working on secondary fire functions, and hopefully will have them done for the first release. The second release(may be part of first if possible) will include a map based on the gameplay of Dustbowl, a map in Team Fortress Classic. Bf1942 has a similar Conquere type gameplay. The architechture will be very urban, but based on street combat. Our forums our down, but hopefully soon we will have a media release if we aren't busy

Assault on Iraq
Assault on Iraq is a modification for the Medal of Honor: Allied Assault loosely based on the
conflict that occured between the US and Iraq that took place in 1991.
Single Player Overview

Things to be included in the next release:
-Many new modern weapons
-6 Skins
-2 Deathmatch Maps
-3 Objective Maps
-Prone(we are working on it)
-Class System(ive already worked this out for the TR mod)






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