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SERVER TIMEOUTS : Need the 1.11 patches listed BELOW.

Server TimeOuts can be caused by slow internet speed. So if you are on Dial up this could be your problem. So if the 1.11 Patch was installed Successfully and you still get Server TimeOuts This could be your Problem. if you dont have any Rooms with a ping under 500ms. then you will need to get Cable or DSL. Also make sure your Video Card Drivers are up to date.

    There are more than one link to some of the patches. If one is slow try another.Just Download the Patch and once it is DOWNLOADED. Just click the Patch and It will Open and Install itself.
   If you didnt look to see what folder the patch is going to. Try looking here first. C:\WINDOWS\Temp .
    If the Patch does not work and its says Patch was not Installed Successfully.Then you can try to see if any of these fixes the Problem.
     The main reason it says Patch was not installed Successfully is that you downloaded the wrong version of the Patch. I found out just because your game is in English.It does not mean you Download the US/UK Version of the Patch. So, the next thing I would have you try is to Download the Version closest to The Language of your Country. The Patch will not install if it does not match the version of the game. So. you can NOT install the wrong Patch. So it might take a few different Patches to find the right one.
  1.     Try Playing in a 1.00 room. To find a 1.00 room click the Medal Of Honor Icon above " ROOM NAME " on gamespy. A window will open up and you will see Servers 1.00. Click That and GAMESPY will automaticaly refresh GAME ROOM. NOTE: Uncheck where it says " Servers In My Country Only " This will give you more rooms to play in.You can uncheck 2-ways. One way is click the Medal Of Honor Icon again or uncheck the box thats right above the chat room. 

               Now go and Join a ROOM  to see if you can play in a 1.00 room. If you can play in a 1.00 room that means at least your game is installed correctly. NOTE: This test can also tell if you have the 1.11 patche loaded or not. If you go and try to join a 1.00 room and a message comes up saying " Server is using a older version " This means the 1.11 patch is installed .So if you can Play in the 1.00 rooms and you get time outs in the 1.11 room and you downloaded the 1.11 patch . But it told you the Patch was not installed . Then you might have downloaded the wrong patch. I found out by helping people in Canada. That some have the US/UK version and some have the FRENCH  version even if the game was in English.

      2. If you can not Play in a 1.00 room and you DO NOT get the SERVER HAS A OLDER VERSION .Then Uninstall the MOHAA game. Then go to  C:\Program Files . And delete the EA GAMES folder. DO NOT DELETE FOLDER BEFORE UNINSTALLING THE GAME FIRST. Then reload the game.

 If you still have problems then you can contact EA - GAMES TECH SUPPORT.


        How does a person Know what 1.11 patch to download. you have the us/.uk, french,Dutch and so on?
  •     EA Technical Support Response (Box Jesse H.).

 It is a regonal distribution where you buy is the way to know, also the language of the install is the main way.

  • Response (Box Alfred F.) - 07/23/2003 09:02 AM

Generally, when you buy the game from a store, they will the version released in
that country.  The problems come up when people start selling their games over
the internet (such as E-bay).

As for your game, give me the first 11 digits of the CD Key that came with your
game and I can verify its place of origin.

       When you contact EA Tech support.Give them your first 11 numbers of your CD code so they can tell you watch patch to download.

     It only takes EA Games Tech Support about 24-48 hours to give you a answer they have been very fast on response

REMEMBER once you get the 1.11 patch installed and working. Click  the Medal Of Honor Icon and check 1.11 Servers only.

" MOHAA Patches & NO CD Crack Page click HERE. "

MOHAA UK & US 1.11 Patch
MOHAA_UKUS_ONLY_patch111v9safedisk.exe (15.3MB)

MOHAA French 1.11 Patch
MOHAA_FR_ONLY_patch111v9safedisk.exe (15.4MB)

MOHAA German 1.11 Patch
MOHAA_DE_ONLY_patch111v9safedisk.exe (15.4MB)

MOHAA Spanish 1.11 Patch
MOHAA_ES_ONLY_patch111v9safedisk.exe (15.4MB)

MOHAA Italian 1.11 Patch
MOHAA_IT_ONLY_patch111v9safedisk.exe (15.4MB)

MOHAA Dutch 1.11 Patch
MOHAA_NL_ONLY_patch111v9safedisk.exe (15.4MB

German retail v1.11 patch DOWNLOAD

Italian retail v1.11 patch DOWNLOAD

Dutch retail v1.11 patch DOWNLOAD

Korean retail v1.11 patch DOWNLOAD


    This PATCH is for MAC computers ONLY.

May 13, 2003  2.6 MB  medalofhonor_1.14_update.sit  -  Mac retail v1.14 patch (updated)





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