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Driver Updates

Thank you for contacting EA Technical Support. We will be happy to provide you
help with the troubles and concerns you have.

This error indicates a trouble initializing your 3D graphics card.  The first
thing to check would be to ensure that you meet the games requirements for at
least a 16 MB video card with support for OpenGL.  To find out what type of
video card you have:  Go to Start and select Run and type dxdiag and press Ok.
Along the top of the tool click on the tab that says Display.  On the left side
near the top it will state the name.  Also note the Aprox. Total Memory a couple
lines below the name.

Next, ensure that you have the latest drivers installed for your card.  You will
want to check the card manufacturers web site for any updates and follow any
directions that they provide.

Also, OpenGL does not work with multiple monitor setups.  If you have a
dual-display you will need to disable the secondary monitor.

Follow these steps to do so:
- Right click on the Desktop background and select 'Properties'
- Click on the 'Settings' tab
- Click on the monitor that is labeled with a number '2'
- Uncheck the box that says, "Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor".
- Click 'Apply' and 'Ok'.  The game should now run properly.

If you are still receiving this error once both of these things are met check
the following:
Go to Start > Run and in the run box type "win.ini" without the quotes and click
the OK button. The Win.ini window should come to the foreground, scroll through
the list of items until you come to [DrawDib]. Look for a line under [DrawDib]
that says DVA=0 and remove it. Click File, then Save and close the win.ini file.
Try the game at this point.

If you do not see the DVA=0 line under the [DrawDib] section, then this is not
the cause of your problem. DVA stands for Direct Video Access, and is commonly
set to 0 to fix issues with older games or video problems with old software.
Unfortunately it causes the game to not recognize OpenGL support on your system
as well. The only way to fix this is to remove that line. This should not affect
anything on your system.

And finally, if you are still having trouble, can you send me the information
from a program called dxdiag.exe.  To do this:

1.  Go to Start -> Run.
2.  In the box, type the following: dxdiag
3.  Hit "OK"
4.  Click the "Save All Information" button on the first screen of the
5.  Then on top of the "Save As" box that pops up, click the arrow just to the
right of the "Save In" box, and select Desktop, then click Save.
6.  Finally, attach the dxdiag.txt to your email reply.

After we receive this file we can continue troubleshooting the issues at hand
and hopefully come to a solution.

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